Reflection of all six games

BBC Syrian refugees-

I felt stressed and pressured, mainly when I first chose to pick Egypt as a country to smuggle through to get to Italy. As an Egyptian living in Egypt, I learned not to trust strangers when it comes to emergencies. Although the game was well organized, I felt it was too short. The creator of this game can embroider more steps to this game. For instance, he could have added how both the father and his family drowned from Egypt to Italy.

  1. Spent-

I felt disquieted while playing this game. I felt bothered because the living conditions in Egypt are poor, and these situations can happen to me. For example, not attending my son’s scholarship conference or being unable to pay for my mother’s medicals. Despite this, I decided to study a lot, and I should devise a great plan to provide a relaxing future for my family. 

  1. Responsible partying-

I kind of felt uncomfortable while playing this game. I was never a drinker nor surrounded by drinkers, so I would not want to be placed in a party where people drink. I learned that the majority of binge drinkers are not alcoholics. The social media platform (google slides) was not the best option to provide this game. I felt bewildered and baffled while playing this game as it was disorganized. 

  1. Know yourself-

I felt amused as I got to know myself better. I always wanted to see if I was a judgemental person, but this game implied and taught me that I always prioritize circumstances. For example, one of the questions provided was if I saw a young kid asking his brother to play with him and the brother rejected inappropriately, what would I do? Should I confront the brother or go for another choice? I opted to give my phone to the child to pay. Moreover, it turned out that the child was sick. I enjoyed this game, and there is no need for any improvements.

  1. Losing a parent-

I felt anxious while playing the game. I always avoided thoughts on what would happen if I lose my parents. Simultaneously, I am blessed to have both parents alive. I learned no matter how badly you encounter misfortunes in your life, there is always a way to heal. I may initiate to talk more about the personal events I went through in life. For example, this person used to avoid mentioning and opening up more about his father’s death; later on, he chose to talk to a genuine person who cared about him and enabled him to heal over his father’s death. Before the last question, I decided not to marry and convince my partner to wait while I worked and earned money. Nevertheless, the game forced me to get married. I felt this game was somehow biased and avoided other circumstances. For instance, I may have married my partner, marriage could have failed, which would have worsened my suffering over my father.

  1. Second-Hand Depression:

With all my honesty, I felt bored while playing this game. Despite being bored, I learned to be careful while being in a relationship with a depressed person. Every word that I say directed towards a depressed person matters. I urge the creator of this game to avoid inserting too many details. The details can be short, simple, and deliver the same meaning.

Reflection comparing all six games:

I felt that the BBC Syrian refugee and Spent games were similar: any choice made in both games had a long-term effect on one’s life. The difference between both games was that one’s choices were a matter of being dead or alive while the other game was a matter of being able to feed your family or not with the given money you have. 

Responsible partying game concentrated more on peer pressure, whereas the Know Yourself taught us how to avoid assumptions and bear in mind that people have circumstances. Second hand depression focused more on coping with someone who has depression; meanwhile, losing a parent focused more on you being able to cope the loss of a loved one (which is a major depression).

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